Posted 17 Apr 2004 by herman

Reading material and lecture notes.

The lecture notes for week 13 on transactions are here: week13.pdf; reading for networked and distributed transactions is available in a PDF File, but viewing it requires a password (and even then, it appears not to work on all browsers). If you'd like to get the password, either ask in class or send an email.

Parts to Skip, posted 21 Apr 2004 by herman
Please skip reading the following parts of the chapter:
  1. Two-phase commit for nested transactions (section 13.3.2, pages 524-528).
  2. Optimistic concurrency control (section 13.4.3, pages 530-531)
  3. Following page 536, you can skip the rest of the chapter (we'll cover the beginning of the edge-chasing algorithm, but not cover it completely).

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