Pervasive Computing
Posted 27 Apr 2004 by herman

Pointers to reading material on pervasive and proactive computing, and sensor networks.

Here are some references on pervasive computing and RFID; these are restricted access (should work from workstations on campus).

  1. Proactive Computing (follow the pointer to either HTML or PDF versions)
  2. Pervasive Computing, see the third article in the issue, about RFID systems.

The following are two well-known papers motivating some of the sensor network research.

  1. Smart Dust, but actually this Web Page has more recent news.
  2. Challenges of Sensor Networks introduces some of the new concepts in networking for sensor environments.

Some Pages with Pictures, posted 2 May 2004 by herman
Here are two more amazing pages with pictures:
  1. Dust Motes
  2. Single-Chip Mote

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