Upcoming Reading Assignment
Posted 12 Feb 2004 by herman

There will be some reading from a textbook and students will need to share copies of this book.

Starting Monday 23rd February the topic of the course switches to parallel programming. I would like each student to read chapters 1, 2, 3 and chapter 5 from the book How to Write Parallel Programs by Carriero and Gelernter. Unfortunately this book is out of print (so I did not make this a required text). Fortunately, I have some copies of the book that I can lend out to class members. By dividing students into groups with six in each group, then each group can share a copy of the book. I expect that each student will have finished the reading by the first of March, so it's good to start preparing for the sharing of copies soon. On Friday (13th February) I'll discuss this in class. If you miss Friday's class, you may want to find out later the results of any discussion about this reading.

Copies are available., posted 17 Feb 2004 by herman
I'm putting two things on reserve in the math library: the book and some copied pages (ask for the material under my name or 22C:078). Two students have suggested and implemented a different idea for sharing; we'll talk about this in class on the 19th of February.

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