Python Examples on Threading
Posted 14 Feb 2004 by herman

Some examples of threading used in class on the 13th and the 16th.

Here are examples used in class for you to examine, modify (insert print statements if you run them and wonder what is happening), and use as examples for your own programming.

  1. is a simple demonstration of the threading module, documented in Chapter 14. The program uses both a lock and semaphore to control concurrency.
  2. is an incorrect program; sometimes it will produce a wrong result because the shared variable is accessed without locking.
  3. is a very simple example of a threaded TCP server (but possibly incorrect). As requested, I made an untested but commented version as well:
  4. shows how the Queue module can be used in place of locking for management of concurrency. The example demonstrates a multithreaded TCP server (an improvement over In fact, there exist classes for threading TCP servers and clients (mentioned on page 439) that are probably better to use than the technique of this example, but it is nice to see explicitly how the threading is managed first. Also, as requested, I made an (untested) but commented version of the server in
  5. is an elementary example to illustrate reading a file and getting input from the keyboard.

Concurrency without threading, posted 17 Feb 2004 by herman
Pages 444-445 in the Nutshell book document the select module, which can be used to manage concurrent client access to a server without using any thread package.

An example presented in class on the 18th covers this technique: shows a simple tcp server for multiple clients.

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