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[click here for syllabus] (last update 27 April 2004)

Final Grades Posted.

Total Scores (see grades below)
Posted 18 May 2004 by herman
Here are the combined scores of both exams and homework, weighted as per the syllabus.

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Final Exam Grading
Posted 15 May 2004 by herman
A partial report (18 May 1pm).

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Cumulative Scores
Posted 6 May 2004 by herman
Here's a quick summary of exam and homework scores.

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Pervasive Computing
Posted 27 Apr 2004 by herman
Pointers to reading material on pervasive and proactive computing, and sensor networks.

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Eighth Homework Assignment
Posted 22 Apr 2004 by herman
Due in class (on paper), Wednesday the 28th of April.

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Posted 17 Apr 2004 by herman
Reading material and lecture notes.

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Seventh Homework Assignment
Posted 7 Apr 2004 by herman
Due 21 April 2004 at 11:59pm.

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Discrete Event Simulation
Posted 10 Apr 2004 by herman
Reading sources and a Python program.

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Discrete Time Simulation
Posted 27 Mar 2004 by herman
The topic is introduced using the famous Lotka-Volterra Equations.

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Sixth Homework Assignment
Posted 22 Mar 2004 by herman
Use or Implement Networked Linda. Due 24 March (group formation), due 26 March (interface specification for Network Linda), due 31 March (preliminary test versions), due 5 April (final work).

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