22C:078 Course Syllabus Spring 2004

Spring 2004 Monday/Wednesday/Friday 12:30-13:20 MacLean Hall 118


Ted Herman, 201M MacLean, Telephone: 335-2833

E-mail: herman@cs.uiowa.edu

Office Hours:

13:30-14:20 Monday/Wednesday/Friday

Note: if not in my office 201M MLH, try the network lab B1C MLH.

Teaching Assistant: Xin Lu, E-mail: lu_xin100@yahoo.com,

Office Hours: (B20J MLH, 335-3650)
MF 9:30am -- 10:30am

Prerequisite: 22C:030


Most of the readings will be from online sources or reserved materials in the Mathematics Library (in MacLean Hall). The Python language will be used for network programming, so the following text is recommended:

Announcements: Nearly all assignments, projects, examination information, and various help files will be posted to a 22C:078 Course Web site. The URL for the course's Web site is:


Content and Schedule: This is my first teaching of 22C078, and the following is an approximate plan for the semester -- I may need to adjust it based on the progress of students. Changes to this syllabus will be reflected in the online version, available on the course web site.

Do not ask for lecture notes to be posted before lectures; this course is not an ``industrial powerpoint'' presentation where the audience checks off slides as they appear!

Week Monday Wednesday Friday Theme
1 (holiday) 21 Jan 23 Jan Networks
2 26 Jan 28 Jan 30 Jan Networks Continued
3 2 Feb 4 Feb (no class) Networks Continued
4 9 Feb 11 Feb 13 Feb Python
5 16 Feb 18 Feb (no class) Python Continued
6 23 Feb 25 Feb 27 Feb Parallel Programming
7 1 Mar 3 Mar 5 Mar Parallel Programming
8 8 Mar 10 Mar X 12 Mar Midterm
9 (no class) (no class) (no class) Spring Break
10 22 Mar 24 Mar 26 Mar Client/Server
11 29 Mar 31 Mar 2 Apr Simulation
12 5 Apr 7 Apr 9 Apr Simulation
13 12 Apr 14 Apr 16 Apr Transactions
14 19 Apr 21 Apr 23 Apr Transactions
15 26 Apr 28 Apr (no class) Sensor Networks
16 3 May 5 May 7 May Optional Topics


  1. The symbol * denotes a due date for a homework.
  2. The symbol X is an examination date.

Miscellaneous Announcements: The University of Iowa Policies.

Ted Herman

20 January 2004