Final Exam

After evaluating all the examinations, some comments (and question solutions) are attached in a PDF file you can get via the Attachments button below.

Final Grade Computation

Following the course syllabus, the total score for this course is comprised of 50% examination scores (midterm and final), 30% homework scores (six of them, maximum ten points each), and 20% quiz scores (three of them, 10 points each). Therefore the total score is calculated by

Here is a table of the score results, rounded to integer values

Looking at this table, there appears to be natural grouping of scores so that at least 3-4 points separates one group from the next (to put that in context, 3 points in the total evaluates to 12 points of examination questions). There is a significant break above the median score. With one exception (not shown in the distribution), no score is lower than a standard deviation below the median.

Letter grades for this course should roughly be in the range of the historic norm for this level of course, somewhere around 2.77 for the class mean grade point. The following assignment of letter grades is in the desired range:

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