Readings on RPC and Database Transactions
Posted 15 Nov 2004 by herman

Some reading material to accompany lectures.

Both of these are password protected (the same as before, given only during class).

  1. For Remote Procedure Call, in case you missed the lectures, look here for a chapter about RPC and RMI (but you don't need to read this if you understood the lectures).
  2. For distributed database transaction processing, this chapter explains some complicated scenarios and protocols. I've marked some sections to "Skip" that deal with nested transactions.

Lecture Slides, posted 18 Nov 2004 by herman
Look here for slides used during class presentations on background for such things as the ACID properties, serializability, 2PL, and 2PC.
Deadlocks, posted 29 Nov 2004 by herman
Look here for some slides that accompany the lecture on deadlocks in distributed database transactions.

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