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[click here for syllabus] (last update 25 August 2004)

News: final grades, scores posted (under Help).

RFID Project
Posted 22 Dec 2004 by herman
Two students investigated RFID technology as a special project for the course.

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Review for Final
Posted 10 Dec 2004 by herman
Two documents may be helpful in preparing.

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Week 16 Summary
Posted 9 Dec 2004 by herman
From Peer-to-Peer to Social Networks.

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Week 15 Summary
Posted 5 Dec 2004 by herman
Introducing Peer to Peer Networks.

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Week 13 Summary and Reading Assignment
Posted 29 Nov 2004 by herman
The final reading from Sync is closely related to peer-to-peer networks.

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Estimated Grades
Posted 23 Nov 2004 by herman
Based on homeworks and examination scores, some estimates.

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Sixth Homework
Posted 18 Nov 2004 by herman
By popular demand, a sixth homework, due 8 December in class.

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Readings on RPC and Database Transactions
Posted 15 Nov 2004 by herman
Some reading material to accompany lectures.

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Week 12 Summary
Posted 13 Nov 2004 by herman
Two lectures on RPC and Client Server.

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Examination on Monday 8 November 2004
Posted 4 Nov 2004 by herman
The second examination covers parallel programming, simulation, and probability/statistics topics.

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