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9 Dec 2004  »

Email of the Day

A colleague wrote me today, saying:

One day we will look back on this time as the golden age of e-mail when people communicated asynchronously with full paragraphs, sometimes even more than one at a time. I spend a lot of time on other peoples computers and have observed that IM is the much preferred method of communication of the 25 and below set. When I ask my kids if they got my email they look at me like I just ask them if they got my telegram or my runner with dispatches from the front.

A lot of it is:




But then they are carrying on 40 different conversations like this at a time. And preferably over a mobile phone, not that archaic piece of furniture that Dad is always messing with in the loft called a computer or electronic brain or something.

1 Dec 2004  »

Where are we headed?

One vision of the future of networking and media.

25 Sep 2004  »

Interesting solicitation by Yahoo!, looking for programming talent; lists Python as a desired keyword.

24 Sep 2004  »

Select and Threaded

Two preliminary version of the TCPEchoServer using threading and select: TCPThreadingServer.py, TCPSelectServer.py. (The last one especially should be improved by using the output socket list).

20 Sep 2004  »

Two Thread Examples

An example of the base thread class, plus one from the threading class.

17 Sep 2004  »

Some Tutorials on Python (and threading)

6 Sep 2004 (updated 6 Sep 2004)  »

How to Cicadas Count?

An article in the Computing Science column of The American Scientist discusses the problem of how Cicadas can count -- very much related to the Sync textbook.

31 Aug 2004  »

Python Tricks

This is a source of Python tricks and tips.

31 Aug 2004  »


Many of my students will soon be applying for jobs. I should take time to mention in class some things I've read that could be helpful for job interviews. Teaching about Python could be helpful; I've save a few annual reports from corporations, useful tools to familiarize oneself about a company before an interview. I read some advice on a weblog, and there are many other similar resources via the web.

22 Aug 2004  »

Thought-Provoking Speech Transcript

You need the right background to appreciate it, but this speech by the author of the Perl language is quite interesting.

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