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18 Aug 2004  »


I just got the following email:

One of my portfolio companies based in downtown New York City is looking to hire at least two qualified Linux/C++ application developers asap. The company provides publish-subscribe Internet matching services. If you know of anyone in your network that would be interested, you can have them contact me.
So, even after the "Internet bubble" burst, there is still demand out there for programming talent in networking. But how many traditional network courses teach what is a publish-subscribe Internet matching service?

18 Aug 2004  »

Success Stories using Python

This link and similar ones show interesting Python-based applications (and of course, Bit Torrent is written in Python).

In general, to get an idea of what kind of applications are out there --- not necessarily written in Python --- take a look at freshmeat and sourceforge (usually freshmeat is the first place to browse and search).

12 Aug 2004  »

Interesting comments about Python

Paul Graham has a few interesting remarks about Python programmers.