22C:118 Course Syllabus Fall 2004 22C:118 Course Syllabus Fall 2004

Fall 2004 Monday/Wednesday/Friday 14:30-15:20 MacBride Hall 112
Professor: Ted Herman, 201M MacLean, Telephone: 335-2833
E-mail: herman@cs.uiowa.edu Office Hours: 13:30-14:20 MWF
Note: if not in my office 201M MLH, try the network lab B1C MLH.
Teaching Assistant: Xin Lu    xinlu@cs.uiowa.edu
Tuesday and Thursday, 10:00-11:00, in B20J MLH
Prerequisite: 22C:060
Announcements: Nearly all assignments, projects, examination information, and various help files will be posted to a 22C:118 Course Web site. The URL for the course's Web site is: http://22C118.cs.uiowa.edu.
Content and Schedule: The following is an approximate plan for the semester - I may need to adjust it based on the progress of students. Changes to this syllabus will be reflected in the online version, available on the course web site.

123 Aug2527 JanNetworks
2301 Sep3 SepTCP/IP
3(no class)810Sockets
5202224Python Web Services
627 X 291 OctParallel Programming
7(no class)(no class)8Parallel Programming
111 Nov35Simulation
128 X 1012Transactions
14(no class)(no class)(no class)Vacation
15291 Dec3Security
166810Sensor Networks
Note: The symbol X is an examination date.

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