XML introduction
Posted 30 Sep 2005 by herman

The initial lecture material on XML.

Though I made pointers in my diary entries to XML-related things, you can also watch my initial lecture as a flash presentation (about 36 minutes long).

Text of the Example, posted 1 Oct 2005 by herman
Here's a file with text of the example used in the lecture: xml-example.txt (but I used a variable YY in the lecture, and also showed how to find the "blue" color attribute in the lecture, which is not shown in the text file).
A Second Example , posted 1 Oct 2005 by herman
Here's another example, that I use in class: a Python program that uses xml.dom.minidom to parse and then "clean up" some XML by removing all the '\n' characters between lines of the XML (note: just a simple character replace on the XML source could make mistakes, such as removing '\n' within data fields). Program: xml-cleanup.py.

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