MidTerm on Tuesday 5:30pm
Posted 9 Oct 2005 by herman

Don't forget, midterm exam will be on Tuesday 11 October at 5:30pm, in Shambaugh Auditorium (the main library). The exam is "closed book", so no notes, calculators, books, and such can be used during the exam.

The exam will cover Content Networking, from Chapter 1 up through Chapter 6 (excluding Chapter 4 and sections you were told to skip). Also, don't forget earlier topics on social networking, some probability, and some familiarity with Python that you should have from the homework assignments.

The exam questions will generally follow the pattern of the quizzes, stressing concepts and terminology from the textbook (terms that are in italics, boldface, and in titles).

Here are the quiz questions to date, with sample solutions:

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