Posted 12 Nov 2005 by herman

Learn some elementary techniques for using the Google Map API.

Basic Documentation

Look at the Google Map API Documentation for the basic documentation. The examples are helpful, but unless you try them yourself (and try modifying them), you don't really see everything that's happening. Sometimes viewing the source on other examples can give you hints, though often the details are obscure in what you see -- and nearly all of them are much fancier than what you need to do for the homework (especially since you're not required to be an expert in javascript programming).

Advanced Hints

I can't vouch for anything in this site, but some students wanted to look there.

Simple Example

The "hello world" example from Google's documentation, translated to Iowa City and using our API key for alacran, is: You may want to copy this to your directory and try it yourself to get started.

Bigger Example

Perhaps your homework will take data from an SQL table (I added something about "blobs" in mysql.html that might be useful). Here's an even more elementary example of a dynamic page, where you can enter a query and see different map output depending on your query:, which uses the publisher method of modpython. Look in to see how it was programmed and which buildings are valid for the query.

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