Seventh Homework
Posted 12 Nov 2005 by herman

Your own Google Map application is the final homework.

The final homework for the course is to construct a working application using the Google Map API on the alacran host. This final homework will be staged in parts, similar to how the fifth homework had several deadlines. Further details will be posted as replies to this article.

Part One

Due Thursday 17 November.

Write a simple Python program that shows, on a Google map, some of the items you created for the sixth homework. Create a subdirectory of public-html for your program, and make a file called README6.txt that describes where you put your program, what kind of URL to use in testing, and any other instructions so that the TA can know what to do in scoring the homework.

Note: this doesn't need to be a complicated program; if you like, you can copy the example from the Map API article, and modify it slightly to have your own items and their coordinates. You don't need to use the form part or have any dynamic query or update for this assignment --- that will come later. The main point is to make sure you can at least invoke the Google API and put some overlay markers on the map.

Confusion of source and actual html., posted 17 Nov 2005 by herman
Initial Trouble

A student (actually more than one) complained that they couldn't get things to work, encountering "Not Found. The requested URL /~ta/maplish/ was not found on this server" or something similar. Read the example on the publisher interface, and you'll see that you must specify a method in the URL; for this example, it should have been /~ta/maplish/ to invoke the query method of

Second Trouble

Now, after figuring out how to use the publisher interface, something quite strange occurs. Perhaps part of the page is blank, perhaps all of it appears but only in "source" form, where you see the html. The cause of this is that the student saved the page source of into the directory. If you look at this file, all the "<" characters have been converted to "& lt;" in order to trick the browser into displaying it rather than rendering the html. Either save the text or better yet, grab the googleHead.html in the maplish directory rather than the maplish-doc directory.

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