Seventh Homework, Part 2 due Thursday 1 December
Posted 27 Nov 2005 by herman

Also, some reading material to cover.


First, you should be reading Chapter 4 of the NDC book during the last weeks of the semester. Here are some margin notes for the chapter. Lectures will loosely cover this material: the lectures will cover some aspects in much more depth than the book. For instance, here are some notes on multicast: multicast.html.

Homework Part 2

This is not yet the final part, but it is closer to the final part of the homework: you should demonstrate a page (if not a set of pages related by links) which shows your content on a map (using the Map API) and demonstrates that the content is not fixed, but rather your content is dynamic. In other words, by entering something in a form, clicking on buttons, or some similar way, the result will be different depending on what the user does, and the result will show different map output as a result.

Important: create a file README7.txt in your public-html directory on alacran that contains instructions for the TA on exactly what URL to use and what to enter or click so that your results (and the dynamic content) will be demonstrated. If changing permissions is needed to demonstrate the application, describe that. Basically, if the TA cannot reproduce your results, then it is most likely a failure in documentation -- so please make a nice README7.txt file.

Note: for the first and second parts of this homework, the requirements are as stated: your homework will not be graded competitively. However for the final part of the homework, the scoring will be competitive.

Some additional notes., posted 2 Dec 2005 by herman
File logictime.html contains some abbreviated notes from several recent lectures.
About buzzwords., posted 5 Dec 2005 by herman
For my "buzzword" lecture, here are the notes: soa.html.

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