Final Exam
Posted 1 Dec 2005 by herman

Time and Place of Final Exam

Time/Date: 2:15pm, Friday 16 December 2005

Place: 107 EPB

What's Covered in Exam: to be announced later, during last week of class.

Final Exam Topics, posted 8 Dec 2005 by herman
The final examination covers material from the entire course, however the material on the exam will emphasize topics from the second half (after the midterm). It's best to prepare by reviewing your notes from lectures and the readings in the second half of the course. The readings include:

  1. Chapter 1
  2. Chapter 2
  3. Chapter 3
  4. Chapter 4

    The above refer to the Networked Distributed Computing book; unlike the book used in the first half of the course, these chapters don't have italicized terms and definitions -- it is more about trends, concepts, and the "big picture" of distributed systems, networks, and software.

  5. multicast.html -- some notes about multicast
  6. logictime.html -- some notes about logical time, snapshots and mutual exclusion
  7. soa.html -- this won't be covered on the final; I just made these notes for your benefit.
  8. Other things I discussed in class about virtual circuit networks, transaction processing in databases, distributed data and mirrored databases, remote procedure call (including IDLs and marshalling), and some ideas about workflow and web services.
Solutions to Quiz 3 and Quiz 4, posted 9 Dec 2005 by herman
Here are solutions: quiz3Sol.pdf, quiz4Sol.pdf.

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