Seventh Homework, Final Part due 9 December
Posted 5 Dec 2005 by herman

By popular demand, the due date is the last day of classes.

For the final installment of this homework, you should deliver a finished, polished edition of your Google MAP API program. Create a file in your public-html called README8.html.

The README8.html file should not only document your work nicely (explaining what kinds of techniques you used and what you accomplished), but also have links to pages that run your program in various forms. In case you have disabled certain things by removing permissions for security considerations, please say how these need to be changed so that things will run properly.

If there are specific test cases that show off various features, be sure to explain how to exercise those features so that the TA (or the professor) looking at your work can see those features in action. If you don't document something, chances are we won't know it's there, and you could lose points because we don't understand the capabalities of your program.

Grading. Whereas the earlier installments for this homework had low maximum scoring (5 points), this final installment can earn 25 points. Scoring will be competitive, with higher scores going to homeworks that exercise networking tools, features from earlier course topics (XML, interface to MySQL, Apache functions available through the request object, more advanced Google MAP API functions), and have really clear documentation. Possibly not rewarded (in spite of much effort) would be fancy database functions that are taught in database courses, advanced Javascript syntax, and tricky, advanced Python usage. You should ask yourself such things as: does my homework just show one type of page or different kinds of pages? Does it just query over a few items in one way, or are different types of search possible? Does it update as well as search? In other words, did you go beyond just the basics of minimal dynamic content and implement more variety of features?

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