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13 Nov 2005  »

Google Map "Application"

This doesn't use the Google Map API, but it is clever.

12 Nov 2005  »

Another "Internet Law"

Godwin's Law (this one won't be on the exam).

11 Nov 2005  »

The Ozzie Memo

MS and Web Services.

31 Oct 2005  »


Here's an article encouraging you to use pydoc for online access to documentation. I think some parts of the article are specific to Windows, but the pydoc command does work in Linux --- I just tried "pydoc xml.dom.minidom" on one of the department's linux machines, and it did work. I also tried the "pydoc -p 9999" command and it does start an HTTP server with online documentation, as advertised.

27 Oct 2005  »

Computer Game

An educational computer game.

21 Oct 2005  »

A Low Point in Social Networks

Social Networking has sunk to new depths. But apparently, this may help out Apple's new video iPod.

21 Oct 2005  »

The Future

These thoughts about the future connect with my currrent lectures.

8 Oct 2005  »

Thinking of Interviews?

Useful buzzwords:

8 Oct 2005  »

Web News

HBO attacking BitTorrent

Feud Ends (at least for now; the original story was "Two major Internet backbone companies are feuding, potentially cutting off significant swaths of the Internet for some of each other's customers.")

6 Oct 2005  »

Evil Social Networking

This New Yorker article is fun to read and will teach you something about current Networking.

Many years ago, I required students to read The Cuckoo's Egg, which was a tale of a similar sort.

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