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1 Dec 2005  »

"Book Network"

Interesting graphic showing a "social network" of books and their political leaning.

25 Nov 2005  »

Build Your Own Social Network

Take a look at ning.

22 Nov 2005  »

Another Google Map Mashup


20 Nov 2005  »

Recommended Listening

Have some time to listen to MP3's of recent conference talks related to course topics? These are some of the best I can recommend:

  1. James Currier (15 minutes, how those online quizzes do more than you might think)
  2. Marc Benioff (37 minutes, learn about Salesforce.com and "Web 2.0" philosophy)
  3. Adam Bosworth (45 minutes, learn about what it takes to make search scalable; also see this article, accessible from any computer in the uiowa domain)

16 Nov 2005  »

API Standards?

The W3C is starting to think about standards for Web APIs. Finally!

16 Nov 2005  »

Another Mash-Up


16 Nov 2005  »


Alessio says to check this out (relating to Google map applications).

15 Nov 2005  »

Moore's Law

Here's a nice explanation of Moore's law and its likely consequences --- it doesn't necessarily mean that speed doubles every two years or so.

13 Nov 2005  »

Google Map "Application"

This doesn't use the Google Map API, but it is clever.

12 Nov 2005  »

Another "Internet Law"

Godwin's Law (this one won't be on the exam).

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