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This is the 22C118 Fall 2006 Course Home Page.

Announcements, Useful Pointers

Syllabus -- the course syllabus, last updated 5 October with new homework added. Textbook -- about the (lack of a) course textbook.

Exciting news we ranked Number 1 in the nation for "(Almost) never" studying! But we only ranked Number 8 on the party school list.

Grading is done (20 December 2006), grades and scores on ICON.

See Homework 5 grading commentary

Course Topics and Readings

This section will be expanded, week by week, with summaries of lecture material and pointers to reading assignments.

  1. The final week continues with Django and also touches on Model View Controller and Service Oriented Architecture. Also, Django Tutorial 3 has been added (by request) to show an example of using user authentication in Django. Homework 5 due.
  2. The fifteenth week covers Django with Django Tutorial 1; after you finish the first tutorial, you may want to start reading Django Tutorial 2.
  3. Fourteenth week is vacation.
  4. The thirteenth week has one lecture, to introduce topics of Web Services and XML. Homework 4 due.
  5. The twelfth week has a small introduction to Databases and the networking implications of this important application.
  6. The tenth and eleventh weeks continue with themes on concurrency; I'll begin with a lecture on Linda, then follow with lectures on Parallel Programming.
  7. The ninth week continues Simulation, introducing distributed and parallel simulation. I also say more about Python Threading. Homework 3b due.
  8. The eighth week finished covering Queueing Theory, and then introduces the topic of Simulation. Homework 3 due.
  9. The seventh week covers two topics: first, more detail on TCP and an introduction to socket programming; second, an introduction to Queueing Theory.
  10. The sixth week looks more closely at Internet Navigation; the second exam was Thursday, covering Python, HTTP, CDNs, and Internet Navigation topics. After the exam, a short lecture covered special subnet addresses and how gateways and small scale routers work, using bit masks in routing tables. At the beginning of the week, Homework 2 was due.
  11. The fifth week continues with HTTP. The main subject of interest is Web Caching, and the related topic of Content Delivery Networks.
  12. The fourth week starts with a Python Tutorial. After introducing the basics of Python, we look at the HTTP Protocol as the first case of network protocol (which we can illustrate with Python). Homework 1 was a drill on Python.
  13. The third week finishes up social network themes and also introduces some topics of Network Metrics.
  14. During the second week, the first new topic is Network Laws. Once we have the concepts from network laws, we can rethink what is an Information Network. The viewpoint of the "information network", semantic web, and similar ideas of knowledge representation, are helpful background when we look at Social Network themes.
  15. The first week of class covers some essential definitions we use in computer networks: follow this link to see more: Network Architectures and Protocols. I may also mention various Network Types in the first or second lecture. Once we have some idea of the nature of network architectures and protocols, we can look the basic problems: Network Basics.
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