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Posted 9 Oct 2000 by herman

How to upload code and web pages associated with your project to an account on the 22C178 web site.

Uploaded Material for Project

Some students have already created web pages (outside of their diaries) for their projects. Initially, students created such web pages outside of the site hosting all the rest of the course material (lectures, diaries, syllabus, and so on). Now I've added accounts for all students to the web site that hosts our course.

Your New Account

You now have an account on for the purpose of uploading web pages, code, or other things you'd like to put online and refer to in the diaries and project descriptions. The name of your account is the same as your login name for your diaries. But your password is different (you can change it if you want to). Your initial password is an 8-digit number,

where XXXX is the last four digits from your student number and YYYY is your course PIN number.

Restricted Shell

Your account uses a restricted shell -- there's not much interesting you can do with this account other than upload files. If you want to login to your account, use a command

ssh -l pppppp
where pppppp is your account name. You will be prompted for the password, then you are logged in. After logging in, you can use the passwd command to change your password. But very few other commands works. You can't even use ls to list your directory! Read on to see how you can upload files.


To upload a file, you should not be logged in to the weblog host --- instead, you should be logged in to another host, either in the lab or where you normally work. Then use the command form of ssh to list files, directories, or delete files. Here's an example to list top-level files and directories in your account.

ssh -l pppppp ls
(on a computer science host, you can abbreviate by weblog). Again, substitute your account name for pppppp. In response, you'll be prompted for your password, then it will list your files and directories. The first time you do this, all you should see is a public directory. It is in this public directory that you should upload everything to be visible online.

Here's an example to copy a file called demo.html to uour account's public directory.

scp demo.html
Again, pppppp is your account name, and you will need to specify your password. The result should show that your file is copied to the public directory. Suppose that this command worked. Now, you can view demo.html from any browser by opening
Note: if this doesn't work, it may be that the permissions on demo.html have to be set by something like
ssh -l pppppp chmod og+rx public/demo.html
You can also upload C programs, text files, other web pages, and even images if needed to document your project. There are various options for scp and ssh that may be helpful to copy many files; the examples above only show the basic forms.

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