Project Review Meetings
Posted 7 Nov 2000 by herman

Let us meet and discuss the projects.


At the end of class on Tuesday 7 November, I asked to make appointments with students to talk about projects. Some students quickly set up times, but I wasn't able to make appointments with everyone --- and I forgot to write names of all students. Here is my schedule so far. As you can see, there are lots of times still available. If your name should be on one of the times below or you would like to make an appointment, please tell me!

      --Wed (8 Nov)
          11:15  H.Chen
           2:30  Josh/Sid -- movie player project
      --Thu (9 Nov)
          10:00  Dagmar 
           2:00  Y.Zhao/L.Tang
      --Fri (10 Nov)
           9:00  Kundu/Kethireddy
          10:30  Ben
          11:30  C.Ou
          12:30  ? (forgot to write name)
           1:45  Vivek
      --Mon (13 Nov)
          10:00  M.Fong
          10:30  ? (forgot to write name)
          11:00  S.Wang
          11:30  G.Hodges
      --Tue (14 Nov)
           1:30  R.Yu

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