Project Grading Guidelines.
Posted 13 Nov 2000 by herman

How will the project be evaluated?

In the last two weeks of the course (before December 9), students will make appointments to demonstrate their projects for the professor. The appointments will be about 20-30 minutes and take place in the lab (B1C).

The grading guidelines for evaluating the project will have a number of components. Overall, the project grade will have a maximum of 170 points, as follows.

  • 40 points: basic functionality --- the programs work in the essential ways, but perhaps are not fully fault tolerant, or may not support all the possible features, etc. If this is a measurement project, then functionality means that the basic level of experiments and results were collected.
  • 40 points: networking application --- the project effort included significant aspects of networking, as opposed to GUI, compiler or database development, or other work unrelated to this course.
  • 20 points: advanced functionality --- beyond the basics, the programs or experiments do something extra, implement a greater variety of features, or address more advanced networking topics.
  • 20 points: creativity --- did this project innovate in some way and use unexpected ideas, not suggested by the professor or TA?
  • 30 points: time accounting / narrative --- did the diaries give a good explanation of how time was used on the project? Do the diaries show how the student encountered technical problems and overcame them? Do the diaries mention what sources were used to get programs, information, or other help?
  • 20 points: web page --- is the source code posted to a web page on the 22C178 web server?

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