Final Project Examination Times
Posted 28 Nov 2000 by herman

Each student (or team) will meet with the Professor for half an hour to demonstrate the results.

During the week 4-8 December, each student (or team) will demonstrate project results and answer questions about the project. The meeting will be about half an hour long. So far, the following students have reserved times.

  1. Monday 4 December
    (no one yet)
  2. Tuesday 5 December
    Haiming Chen, 4:00pm
    Canhui Ou, 4:30pm
  3. Wednesday 6 December
    Ben Faga, 10:30am
    Vivek Narayanamurthy, 4:00pm
    Greg Hodges, 4:30pm
  4. Thursday 7 December
    Yuhong Zhao, 1:00pm
    Stuart Urban, 2:00pm
    Steve Anderson, 2:30pm
    Josh Mendoza and Sid Vemuganti, 3:00pm
    Andrew Galvan, 5:00pm
  5. Friday 8 December
    Man Man Fong, 9:30am
    Sumantra and Shantan, 10:00am
    Mingqiao Wan, 10:30am
    Rong Yu, 11:00am
    Zan Mi and Yonghang Zhang, 11:30am
    Li Tang, 1:30pm
    Dagmar Kusia, 2:00pm
    Shaowen Wang, 2:30pm
    Haiou Shen, 3:00pm
    Brian de Smet, 3:30pm
Should you need to change this schedule, or need to be added to the list, please let me know soon.

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