Assignment 2: Due 24 September by email
Posted 17 Sep 2001 by herman

This assignment asks you to work with the DNS service.

For this assignment, you'll need to use tools to query DNS information from servers. The recommended toolset is nslookup (documented in the textbook), host, and dig. These are DNS client programs available on many Unix systems. The newest Linux systems have deprecated nslookup in favor of host and dig commands.

You might find some documentation for these programs on the web, but it could be unreliable. You should use the command

man host
(or similar for nslookup or dig) to show the manual pages for the commands. The result of the man command can be difficult to read, so you'll also need to experiment a little to figure out how they work (welcome to the world of network administration).


Here are the questions for this homework:

  1. Name 6 subnets not in use by Iowa (128.255)
  2. What are the host names in the zone for
  3. What are the hosts in the "" pool? (Just a list of IP numbers doesn't answer the question.)
  4. Which host or hosts in the zone are the email servers?
Note: a correct answer to the question will also explain how the data was obtained, giving for example, the command and parameters used to obtain the data.

What to Turn in

Email homework 2's answers to the TA: Tanmay Patwardhan

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