First Assignment for Projects
Posted 11 Oct 2001 by herman

For students electing to do projects, here is an initial assignment.

Basically, this "assignment" is nothing more than notifying the professor that you wish to do a project and describing the general topic and themes of your project.

Please schedule a meeting with the professor

I'd like to meet with you (some of you have already come by my office to discuss the project) and get some idea of what you plan to do.

Due 16 October

Post a diary entry with a short statement about what you plan to do for the project. Try to give some idea of the networking area or goals of your project. Though it doesn't have to be very specific, your statement should show that you have done some thinking and possibly even some research (could cite textbook chapters, papers, even URLs) you've done in planning the project. After 16 October, when everyone has posted a diary entry, take a look at what other students doing projects have posted; if you and other students are doing similar projects, you may want to contact each other and cooperate.

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