Optional Homework 4
Posted 3 Dec 2001 by herman

This homework builds on the previous one.

The homework is still being drafted, but you can look at part of it in homework4.pdf to see it. As details are added, replies to this article will summarize changes to the specification. (But some students wanted a head-start, hence this early version.)

Due Date, posted 9 Dec 2001 by herman
I revised the homework description to set a due date (last day of class) and instructions on submitting it. Shortly, the TA will provide a client for testing with the revised assignment.
Client Code from TA, posted 10 Dec 2001 by herman
Follow this link to access a sample client for this homework. It also explains an important difference in the client/server interaction from the previous assignment. Now, the server begins by sending to its client an initial "Ack" message (previously, the client started first).

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