Project Finals
Posted 7 Dec 2001 by herman

Instructions for those students doing projects.

Project Final

In the last week of classes (or even the week after if you really insist on it) we should meet for half an hour. The purpose of this meeting is for me to see a demonstration of your project. I will post a file: pschedule.html with the current open slots for appointments. Email me and I will reserve a slot and repost this schedule.

In addition, you should make an online description of your project that explains its objectives, presents results (only some projects have experimental results), has the code you wrote, cites any references or resources used in your project, and summarizes any conclusions you might have.

Uploading to the Course Web Site

Diaries are too limited to describe and show all about your project. Therefore, you will probably want to upload material to this web site. Currently, the upload facility is limited.

  1. You need at least "Apprentice" level on your account. I will set this for students wishing to upload files (email me a request and I will set it up for you).
  2. Once the apprentice level is set up, log in to this website using your account/password and then manually enter the URL
    You should see a list of uploaded files, with a small form at the bottom of the list where you can upload a new file. Currently, the site allows only a limited numer of filetypes, namely
    • html or text -- usually this means a filetype of "html" or "txt". Your browser actually specifies the type when uploading to this site.
    • Excel or Word -- usually this means a filetype of "xls" or "doc" containing these MS filetypes.
    • postscript or PDF --- usually this means a filetype of "ps" or "pdf".
    • tar --- just a filetype of "tar" if you're uploading a tar-archive of a directory.
    The types "c" and "java" aren't in the current list of supported types, but you may be able to rename these as "html" and upload them if you wish to try.

Once you upload a file, the response will give you a pointer to a list of all your uploaded files. Make a mistake? You can upload a new copy and replace the current one. If you upload with an empty file, then the old uploaded copy is deleted. Pay attention to the list of your uploaded files to see its URL, so you can use that in web page descriptions of your project.


This is perhaps too limited and difficult to be really useful, but there's an abbreviated way to reference an uploaded file within diary text and articles on this website. Suppose your account name is "jlee" and you just uploaded "project.html". Now, you can use a special tag: <file>jlee:project.html</file> rather than the usual <a href=""> etcetera. But this shortcut doesn't work within any of the web pages you create and upload yourself (basically only for diaries).

C or Java program uploading, posted 11 Dec 2001 by herman
I discovered why the website was unable to upload C and Java files. Basically (at least for me), files with .c and .java extensions were unknown types for my browser. After I manually set my preferences for these types to text/plain, they upload correctly. Apparently, when a file is uploaded with the form, its type (text, html, word document, pdf, etc) is also specified by the browser when it transmits the upload request. After I set this via the preferences in the browser, the upload of C and Java programs does appear to work correctly.

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