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6 Dec 2001  »

I have almost done the proxy connection module of the WAP gateway, which connects with the HTTP server. I found I could also add the reply function which writes reply messages to wireless clients into this module.

I'm doing the request decoding module and reply encoding module now. The request decoding module decodes the wireless client requests to HTTP format and send it to proxy connection module. The reply encoding does the reverse. It gets HTTP reply line and header from proxy connection module and encodes it into WSP binary format.

29 Nov 2001  »

I decided to work with Yan Liu as a group. We've been studying together on WAP, WSP and WTLS for two weeks.

His work is to implement a WTLS application working between WAP clients and WAP proxy(gateway).

My work is to implement a Web server and a WAP gateway/proxy to support both Web clients and WAP clients. I'll use Yan's WTLS implementation to enhance the security of this system.

I've done a simple web server, which can support multiple web browser clients. It's based on HTTP. I'm doing the WAP gateway now. It's similar to a HTTP proxy but it's based on WSP and HTTP. It works as a HTTP client with the Web server and it works as a WAP server with the WAP clients.

15 Oct 2001  »

178 Project:

My idea is to build a web server. First it need to support some most common roles such as web document publishing, web security and so on. Sencond it is supposed to support wireless applications. I need to simulate wireless clients to get it work. All these will be done based on HTTP and WAP. And some other issues like loading balancing will be also covered if I can get through all these stuff.

10 Sep 2001  »

TCP: diagnose
UDP: eye

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