Week 10 and 11 Reading
Posted 28 Oct 2002 by herman

We start Chapter 3: Transport Layer.

Since this is the first time I've used this textbook, I'm not sure exactly how much of this Chapter we can cover in four lectures (particularly if I use some supplemental material). Next week I may post a reply to this article with more specifics.

For now, let us suppose that we will cover the entire chapter.

Adjustments to the reading., posted 11 Nov 2002 by herman
After presenting the lectures, some of Chapter 3 can be skipped. In particular, ignore 3.6.3 the case study ``Network-Assisted Congestion-Control Example: ATM ABR Congestion Control''. Also, you can almost skip (skim only) the technical analysis of the Dynamic Congestion Window starting on page 275.

As some supplemental material, I recommend looking at problems 1-4 of a previous exam, ex2s00.pdf and also problems 4 and 6 from ex2f98.pdf. I tried the applets at the textbook's website, Addison-Wesley/Kurose-Ross and they are interesting, but not essential. When I searched on Google for ``sliding window applet'' I was able to find more interesting demonstrations, though these appeared to come from NS (the network simulator I have used in class).

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