Second Exam: 25 November
Posted 20 Nov 2002 by herman

The second exam will be in class on Monday 25 November, covering Chapters 3 and 4.

A previous article describes the Chapter 3 reading; from Chapter 4 we only cover through section 4.6 (stop reading at 4.7 -- skip IPv6 and the rest of the chapter).

The examination will be closed book. Some questions will involve calculations (mainly about sliding window protocols) and other will especially ask about concepts in the readings, particularly terminology.

Exam 2 Scores, posted 1 Dec 2002 by herman
I've posted the exam scores in the file exscores.txt. The mean score was around 59.5 with a standard deviation of about 13.5. Scores were a bit low possibly because some questions were unclear. Nobody got question 8 correct; and most everybody missed part of question 7, which is really the best question of the exam. As hoped for, most students got question 6 right, which had the highest number of points (25).

The questions and some of the possible solutions can be viewed in exam2sol.pdf.

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