Homework 5 and Chapter 5
Posted 5 Dec 2002 by herman

Homework 5 is due 9 December.

The homework has just two questions, each 25 points, which are reasably simple questions about Ethernet. The point of this homework is to get you thinking a bit about the design decisions that underly the Ethernet standard.

As for reading Chapter 5, I recommend looking at Section 5.7 about wireless links. Since wireless LANs, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ad-hoc mobile networks, and related efforts are now such a growth area, it is useful to know something about these things.

Sorry, forgot pointer., posted 6 Dec 2002 by herman
Here is the file for the homework questions: homework5.pdf.
And the answer is ..., posted 10 Dec 2002 by herman
See homework5sol.pdf for solutions to the problems.

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