Project Wrap-Up
Posted 8 Dec 2002 by herman

It's time to think about wrapping up your project, which includes demonstrating it and documenting it.

I've created a web page (which will be updated if necessary) of what you should do: projdg.html.

Appointment Schedule, posted 10 Dec 2002 by herman
In projappt.html is a list of the students and their appointment times. If there is some mistake about your appointment time, please email to correct it. Also, if your name isn't yet on the list, request a time so that it can be added. The file will be updated to reflect changes.
List of Projects, posted 21 Dec 2002 by herman
I've just compiled a somewhat organized list of all the projects: projlist.html. If you spot any errors, please send me corrections.
Project Evaluation (starting), posted 22 Dec 2002 by herman
So far, scores have only been assigned for the diary component of the project - which is just 15 percent of the total. The scores are posted in projscores.txt.

The mean diary score is 10 with a standard deviation of 3.5. The scores are based on the following criteria:

  • Did the entries show steady progress during the semester? (Harder to know this in cases where the number of diary entries was three or four.)
  • Did the entries show some technical depth, such as discussing protocol issues, trade-offs, detailed design considerations, and the like?
  • Was there some indication of research? Some entries had URLs to relevant documents or resources; some pointed to sections of the textbook.
  • Did the narratives discuss technical problems encountered during the project and how they were technically resolved?
More Project Scores, posted 24 Dec 2002 by herman
Now I've got scores on all the projects (plus grading of three paper-only projects). Next, I need to double check these numbers before computing the cumulative scores. Again, updated scores are in projscores.txt.

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