First Exam on 16 October
Posted 15 Oct 2002 by herman

This exam covers the reading and lectures up to and including Monday 14 October.

The exam is closed book - no textbook, notes, or fancy calculators that could contain definitions of terms. The exam will be 75 minutes and will be held at the regular class time, on Wednesday 16 October. The exam has 14 questions; 11 questions have a maximum of 5 points, and 3 questions are worth 15 points each (55 + 45 = 100). Three of the questions are calculational, but can be answered by hand (without a calculator).

Also, a list of current homework scores is available here: hwscores.txt. You might see that some of the scores for the second homework (the programming homework) are "n/a". If you have one of these, you should contact the TA (see online syllabus for email, office hours, etc) to resolve this to a real score, otherwise it will become zero.

Exam Solutions, posted 18 Oct 2002 by herman
I typed this in a hurry (perhaps there are some errors). The list of questions and solutions are here: exam1sol.pdf. As of 18 October 2002, I haven't yet started grading the exams.

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