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Name: Ted Herman


Notes: Professor for 22C:178 / 055:134

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18 Dec 2002  »

Other Projects

For a list of impressive projects, it's interesting to look at what is presented at CodeCon , a premier hacking conference (but where hacking is used in the good sense of the term.)

14 Dec 2002  »

Project Pointers

So far, I've gone though two student project demonstrations and also set up links to their web page documentation on the Projects page. As more students finish the documentation, I'll add to this list.

11 Dec 2002  »

Maybe the Last Time

I just read another, all to true article, making the point that so many different software authors "live in different worlds".

So it is with students in projects.

In years past, it was easy to plan for the support of projects because I could count on every student knowing a common programming language (it was C), and the Unix environment. Now, some students want to program with ASP/VBScript and include MS-based SQL services, others are content to use C, some only know Java, yet others have to use Labview, and so on it goes. Some have such little confidence in their ability to learn and master programming skills that they can only read papers and write about what they read.

How can I know that students are really confronting the network issues that matter? Are they dealing with the problems of the heterogeneous nature of networking (different formats, having to plan for and convert between architectures)? Are they constructing transition diagrams for FSMs and thinking through the protocol design? I suppose that in future these will have to become assignments rather than to allow students to be creative.

11 Dec 2002  »


Here are two references to ultrawideband (I'm not sure how much time we'll have in class for this topic).


There is so much information available on DSL now, and its many forms (ADSL, SDSL, HDSL-2, SHDSL, etc).

9 Dec 2002  »


As usual, students are requesting time slots for project demonstrations in chronologically reverse order (the last possible time is requested first).

So far, these students have requested the 20th for their demonstration dates: kcorr, camuelle, tkirby, nchopra, dselim. One student, vmarathe, requested time on the 18th.

As soon as I can resolve another schedule conflict on the 20th I will assign some specific hours for these requested appointments.

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