Project 2: 22C:178 & 055:134

Computer Communications Fall 1998

Project 3 [due 13 November]

This project, put simply, is to see how fast 200MB of data can be transmitted using UDP. You will write a programs using the UDP methods of previous homeworks to send (and receive) the 200MB and report on the timings you observe. Before you begin coding your programs, here are some things to consider.

What to Turn In

Submit a report that describes your program and the methods it uses (justifying why they correctly time a 200MB tranmission), and also describes the results of your experiments. We hope to see not just a final program and its results, but some indication of what you tried. For instance, you may try one kind of program and later think of an improvement. Your report should show the history of your results and how different techniques improved the results. Please summarize your history of experiments and results to no more than two pages (you may also attach your program to the results - that doesn't count in the two page limit).

You may either produce a printed report for this project (which would allow you to a graph of experimental results) or email your report in the usual way (with project number and the last four digits of your student ID).


This project counts 200 points maximum. Your score will depend on how thoroughly you explain the results, the creativity of your programming, and the thoroughness of your experiments. Good luck, and may the best student program achieve the highest throughput!