22C:178/055:134 Copies of Transparencies

Copies of some of the transparencies used in class (or approximations to the transparencies) are in compressed postscript files. Using Netscape, you can copy the file to your own directory by clicking the second (or perhaps third) button of your mouse, when positioned over the link to the file. After you have copied the file, use the gunzip command to uncompress the file, then use ghostview to view the file, or just print it if you like.

The transparency copies have been divided into manageable sections. These sections are not necessarily related to days of lectures or to topics.

For the second part of the course, most slides will be those written by Larry Peterson (one of the authors of the second textbook). A full listing of all the slides is available from the homepage of the second textbook. We won't be using all the slides, since we will not use the x-kernel system described in Chapter 2. The following list contains only those slides used in class.

Ted Herman
30 April 1998