Assignment Page

This page is a list of assignments for 22c:016.

9 December

Sixth Homework due 9 December.

2 December

Fifth Homework due 2 December.

20 November

Read Chapter 13 to supplement lecture on Objects and Classes

2-6 November

Read Chapter 10 of the textbook and read Chapter 11, up to Section 11.3 (stop at the part about sorting).

6 November

Fourth Homework due Friday 6 November.

27 October

Third Homework due Tuesday 27 October.

13 October

Second Homework due Friday 16 October.

5-9 October
Read Chapter 4 of the textbook.
30 September

Announcement: First Homework. Flashcard sets: flashcard/set025, flashcard/set026.

28 September

Flashcard set: flashcard/set024.

25 September

Flashcard sets: flashcard/set020, flashcard/set021, flashcard/set022, flashcard/set023.

21 September

Flashcard set: flashcard/set019

18 September

Flashcard sets: flashcard/set016, flashcard/set018.

11 September

Flashcard sets: flashcard/set012, flashcard/set015.

9 September

Flashcard set: flashcard/set011.

8 September
Reading from textbook: Chapter 3, particularly about printing.
4 September

Flashcard set: flashcard/set010.

2 September

Flashcard sets: flashcard/set008, flashcard/set009, flashcard/set012.

31 August

More flashcard sets: flashcard/set004, flashcard/set005, flashcard/set006, and flashcard/set007.

28 August

If you can't get a textbook, please ClickHere. Try the following flashcard sets to reinforce the day's lecture and notes: flashcard/set002, flashcard/set003.

26 August

Start reading Chapter 2 of the textbook. Concentrate on operators and expressions. Lectures and quizzes won't cover functions and variables until later. Also, learn about terminology (what is a shell, what is operator precedence, and so on). Also, go through flashcard set flashcard/set001.

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