Grading Notes

Wednesday 23 December: curve distribution (column named Overall Total on ICON). The mean of the curve is 79.8, with a standard distribution of 19.69. The mean plus the standard deviation is above the highest score in the class; the mean minus two standard deviations is 39.38. Cutoffs for letter grades are:

D- through D+
less than 35; division between D and D+ is at 30
C- through C+
less than 75; division between C- and C is at 45; division between C and C+ is at 70
B- through B+
less than 90; division between B- and B is at 78; division between B and B+ is at 87
A- through A+
less than 100; division between A- and A is at 91; division between A and A+ is at 97

Wednesday 23 December: corrected some exam scores; finished correcting some missed homework grading. Revised and posted new total, adjusted scores.

Tuesday 22 December: still to do: attend to exceptions (ungraded make-ups, rescore some grading errors with homeworks, re-do curves for ICON)

Tuesday 22 December: all pages of exam graded; now posting scores to ICON.

Saturday 19 December: first page of exam graded

Thursday 17 December: Reserved for Making the Final!

Wednesday 16 December: preliminary scaled totals in each category (quiz, homework, exam) are now on ICON; these totals will change with the final and after a number of grading irregularities are resolved.

Wednesday 16 December: building totals from ICON scores; a preliminary (not finished) program for that is

Wednesday 16 December: scores for Homework 6 posted on ICON.

Tuesday 15 December: scores for Homework 5 posted, and the grading of Homework 6 is nearly finished. Quiz 9 scores are also on ICON now.

Monday 14 December: solutions for last quiz and homework posted on ICON.

Saturday 12 December: updated scores on Homework 4 to regrade, which also had some mistakes in grading.

Friday 11 December: downloaded Homework 6 dropbox, starting to process it.

Friday 11 December: updated some scores on Homework 4 due to incorrect grading.

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