Final Grades

Grading of the final exam is done and scores are posted to ICON.

Following grading of the final exam, a total score needs to be calculated for all work: 40% exam scores, 20% quiz scores, and 40% homework scores, as set out in the course syllabus. To ensure the contributions from each category fit these guidelines, the following algorithm was applied. First, for each student, sum the scores in each category. Then, take the maximum for any student in each category, giving three maximums, one for exams, one for quizzes, one for homeworks. These maximums are, respectively, 486, 180, and 405. These maximums become denominators for a relative score (ratio) between 0.0 and 1.0, for each category. Suppose the ratios are 0.7, 0.65, and 0.9. Then, compute a weighted sum of these, using the syllabus weights: 0.4*0.7 + 0.2*0.65 + 0.4*0.9 = 0.28 + 0.13 + 0.36 = 0.77. For convenience of display, multiply by 100 and round to integer (but for deciding letter grades, use the more accurate floating point figures).

After doing this, the distribution looks like the following:

The rounded numbers for the total score are posted on ICON under a new column labelled "Total Score 20 Dec".

The Curve

The target GPA for this course is approximately 2.63, grading on a +/- letter grade scale as stated in the syllabus. Effort is made to make divisions between "clumps" in the sorted list of student total scores above; see, for instance, the gaps at 60 and 82 above. The breaks getting nearest to the target GPA while trying to optimize division lines for a total score x are:

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