Reading Assignments

The reading assignments are all PDF files which can be downloaded from links on this page (click on the filename of the reading). Most readings end with exercises, which reinforce the reading material; it's best to use Python to go through these exercises. In some cases, there will be files or programs that accompany the reading, and the links for these will be provided on this page.

3-10 Dec

Reading on GUI, Chap25.pdf (read the first nine pages; the rest is for reference, to complete the sixth homework)

1-5 Dec

Reading on Modules (random, time, sys, os), Chap24.pdf

17-29 Nov

Reading on Classes and Objects, Chap23.pdf

16-18 Nov

Reading on network programming, Chap22.pdf

8-15 Nov

Reading on input/output, Chap21.pdf

5-8 Nov

Reading on drawing, Chap20.pdf

1-5 Nov

Reading on Loop Patterns, Chap19.pdf

27-29 Oct

Reading on documentation, Chap18.pdf

18-29 Oct

Reading for 18-25 Oct is Chap16.pdf and Chap17.pdf

11-15 Oct

Reading for 11-15 Oct is Chap14.pdf and Chap15.pdf on assignment and mutation.

6 Oct

Reading for 6-8 Oct is Chap13.pdf on names for data

27 Sep

Reading for 27 Sep to 5 Oct is Chap12.pdf on lists

25 Sep

Reading for 26-28 September is Chap11.pdf on slicing

21 Sep

Reading for 21-25 September is Chap10.pdf on conditional logic

20 Sep

Reading for 20 September is Chap9.pdf on unit testing

12 Sep

Reading for 12-19 September is Chap8.pdf on functions

9 Sep

Reading for 9-10 September is Chap7.pdf on Python's print statement

2 Sep

The reading assignment for 2 September through 8 September is Chap6.pdf

28 Aug

The reading assignment for 28 August through 2 September is Chap5.pdf

23-27 Aug

The reading assignment for the first week of the course is Chap1-4.pdf

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