Final Review for 22C:016 Fall 2011

The final is 2:15pm on Friday 16 December in W10 PBB. The final is a no-notes, no-books, no-computer, no-calculator final to be completed on paper (please bring pen and/or pencil). The time allowed for the final is two hours. No students are allowed to sit next to each other (there is supposed to be enough seating to have at least one seat between any two students in a row).

Question Formats: the format of questions will be similar to those in the midterm and in some quizzes. There will be some questions asking you to write Python expressions, or Python functions. The topic of loops will be emphasized. A typical question might be one that asks you to write a function, given its description in English. Another typical question asks you to write a function using a for-loop that does what some built-in Python method does (for instance, the index() method).

Garrin Kimmell prepared this review list of the course topics:

These where the weeks and topics

Week 02 Operators and Indexing 
Week 03 Expressions and Printing
Week 04 Functions, Unit Tests
Week 05 Conditional Logic
Week 06 String Methods, List Creation 
Week 07 Variables
Week 08 Assignment  *** MidTerm ***
Week 09 Functions and Variables
Week 10 Mutation, Modules
Week 11 Iteration, Recursion
Week 12 Loop Patterns  
Week 13 Drawing, Classes and Objects
Week 14 Inheritance, Graphics
Week 15 Problem Solving, Random, Time

Exam Questions

The exam will have 14 questions, one worth only 2 points, up to a longer question worth 15 points. There are no multiple choice questions. Two of the questions ask about Python topics that you can explain in English. One of the questions asks you to find errors in a program. There are four "what does this print" questions, and a couple more questions ask you to say what would be the Python evaluation of expressions. Five exam questions ask you to write function definitions or parts of function definitions. One question is a problem-solving question (it's the 15-point question) which has an entire page describing the problem. Extra paper will be available for you when taking the exam.

Built-in Functions and Methods

Students should know about these functions and methods, what they do, and what parameters they have (if any).

 min max abs len type chr ord 
 upper lower replace split join 
 int float str list tuple bool dict 
 sum zip any all map filter reduce
 index count remove sort reverse
 keys values open read close write
 input raw_input range

Not on the final:

 enumerate sorted reversed pop
 copy items discard add clear
 flush readlines writelines
 xrange dir vars

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