Lecture Notes

7 December

About hashing and signatures, in hash.pdf

5 December

Looking at algorithms.pdf

3 December

A brief look at Software Engineering Concepts (some are related to current homework)

30 November
Finish Chapter 28: os and sys modules. Also, the subprocess module.
28 November
Start Chapter 28: random, time and system modules.
26 November
Exam topics. More about classes, methods and objects, illustrated by examples in Homework 5.
16 November

Finish Tk Examples. Why plagiarism is suspected in homeworks. Exam topics - study homeworks 1-3 solutions (found in homework4.py), chapters 18-28, and see lastyear.pdf and lastyear-solution.pdf

14 November

Finish Chapter 27, start Chapter 28 on GUIs. Examples from Tk Examples.

12 November
Starting Chapter 27 on Classes, Objects, Methods, and Inheriting.
9 November
Techniques of Homework 4.
7 November

More on Chapter 26, introducing client and server modules. Examples for this lecture can be found on the Simple Web Servers page.

5 November
Chapter 26, first covering the try/except statements.
2 November
Continue Chapter 25, with more file I/O, standard in and out.
31 October
Chapter 25, start with simple console input and output, begin file I/O.
30 October

Quiz in Discussion Section Psuedocode quiz, see Quiz6.pdf

29 October
Chapter 24, which demonstrates drawing with Python
26 October
more on Chapter 23, and also Chapter 20 -- pseudocode and algorithms
24 October
begin Chapter 23 on the loop search patterns.
22 October
Chapter 22 on the loop accumulation pattern.
19 October
More of Chapter 18, and introduction of Chapter 20 on documentation.
17 October
Chapter 18 on modules.
15 October
Iteration, recursion (finish Chapter 19, review for exam)
12 October
Continuing presentation of iteration and assignment.
10 October
Chapter 19 introduction.
8 October
Chapter 16, plus most of Chapter 17.
5 October
Finish Chapter 15, with slice assignments. Some mutating methods from Chapter 16.
3 October
Start Chapter 15, beginning assignment statements.
1 October
Start Chapter 14 on recursion.
28 September
Finish Chapter 13 and give hints on current homework.
26 September
Continue with Chapter 13, with explanation of generators and in-class problems.
24 September
Lecture assumes you have started Chapter 13, reading up through the "Lists from Lists" section. This is quite challenging material, and reading Chapter 13 (at least the first five or six pages) will be helpful.
21 September
Chapter 12 on slicing.
19 September

Unit Testing. View Wednesday 19 September Lecture when you don't understand the idea of how Python does unit testing.

17 September
Finish Chapter 11.
14 September
Finish Chapter 10, start Chapter 11.
12 September
Start of Chapter 10 (actually most of Chapter 10).
10 September
Finish Chapter 9, showing "def" functions and printing in functions.
7 September
Start (lambda expressions only) of Chapter 9 on defining functions.
5 September
Chapter 8 on printing.
4 September
Quiz 1 (see attachments below).
31 August
Finish Chapter 7 on Python expressions.
29 August
Start of Chapter 7 on Python expressions.
27 August
Python operators (Chapter 6). Running Python remotely using CS cluster of machines. (See Lec4.pdf)
24 August
Mostly related to Chapter 4, running Python in different ways.
22 August
Running Python in calculator mode to experiment with Python types (Chapter 5). (See Lec2.pdf)
20 August
Nothing technical in first lecture -- it is orientation, syllabus, policies, grading system, and so on.

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