Assigned Readings

All assigned readings for this course are online. Most of the readings are chapters from a book in development, and can be downloaded through the class ICON website. After logging in to ICON and selecting the 22C:016 course, navigate to Course Content, where you will find Readings and a list of PDFs for chapters.

See Lecture Notes for specific readings associated with lectures. Most lecture meetings assume you will have looked at the relevant chapters beforehand; that way, the time spent in the lecture can concentrate on solving problems rather than simply saying what the chapter contains.

Alternate Reading Resources

When it comes to computing, computer networking, web technology and computer languages, one of the worst aspects is information overload. There are now so many books, videos, web pages, articles and software packages and different versions that finding the right thing is really difficult. In the case you are looking for more than the reading assignments provide, here's a page on Online Python Resources.

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