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   * 301 MLH (top floor of MacLean Hall)
   * B5 MLH (basement of MacLean Hall)
   * 301 MLH (top floor of {{{MacLean}}} Hall)
   * B5 MLH (basement of {{{MacLean}}} Hall)

Remote Login to Department Accounts

For this course, you have an account on the educational computer systems of the Department of Computer Science. There are two types of system, Linux and Windows. Each can be accessed remotely; only the Linux machines can be accessed in person. The general [http://www.divms.uiowa.edu/help/ help page] may be too much information. The most relevant information for login is:

  • There are three computer labs where you can log in directly to Linux machines:
    • 301 MLH (top floor of MacLean Hall)

    • B5 MLH (basement of MacLean Hall)

    • 346 SH (Schaeffer Hall)
  • To log in to Windows, use "Remote Desktop" and specify termserv.divms.uiowa.edu
  • (The previous line was for Windows users; if you're using your own Linux computer, then you might need to install a program called rdesktop and use that as a substitute for Remote Desktop.)

  • To log in to a department's Linux computer from Windows, you need to get something called the "NoMachine Client", which you should obtain following [http://www.divms.uiowa.edu/help/windows/nomachine/ these instructions].

  • To log in to a department Linux computer from your own Linux computer, you can follow [http://www.divms.uiowa.edu/help/msstart/remote.html these instructions], but you will get a terminal window (using Secure Shell) rather than the "look and feel" of being in the Lab, in person.

  • If you would like to log in to a department Linux machine from your own Linux computer, but also see the desktop as if in the lab, you'll have to obtain [http://www.nomachine.com/download.php NX Client] software and experiment to get that working. It is significantly slower to use NX Client software, compared to using the recommended Secure Shell method.

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