Grade Calculations

As of 17 May, here are the cumulative scores for students in the class:

For these scaled, cumulative scores, the mean is 72 with a standard deviation of 20. To find out where you placed in the cumulative scores, log in to Icon: there will be a new category in the grades for cumulative score.

These cumulative scores weight the sums of homeworks and exams according to the syllabus, and within each category (homeworks and exams), each event is scaled to have the same weight. To assign grades to these, we follow the guidelines in the recommended GPA so that 2.77 (about B-) will be the mean grade. Here are letter grades for the cumulative scores above:

Using the grade point system (A = 4.0, B = 3.0, etc) and +/- modifiers (+/- 0.33) the mean grade for the letter grades assigned above is 2.81 (or 2.69 if a student who withdrew late into the semester is counted as an F). These grade assignments closely fit the recommended 2.77 average.

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