22C196 Spring 2009 University of Iowa Department of Computer Science Course

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Random Cloud Computing News, Blogroll, Utility Computing

Assignments and Schedule

Dates and Topics

21 Apr


14 Apr

Review of Assignments, Hadoop, and more about wireless sensor networks

9 Apr

Hadoop example, and more on sensor network platforms and applications

7 Apr
Introduction to Sensor Networks

No Class Dates: 17 March, 19 March, 26 March, 2 April

31 Mar

More on MapReduce Sort; start of Enterprise Events

24 Mar

Test over textbook, MapReduce Sort

10 Mar, 12 Mar

Lectures on MapReduce

3 Mar, 5 Mar

Student Presentations on AssignmentTwo

26 Feb

Hadoop Tutorial, more MapReduce programming

24 Feb

Student Presentations on AssignmentTwo

19 Feb

More on MapReduce, start of Cascading

17 Feb

Lecture on MapReduce and Parallel Programming

5 Feb, 10 Feb, 12 Feb

Student Presentations on AssignmentOne

27 Jan, 29 Jan

Some background on Parallel Computing, Parallel Programming, and Consistency model

20 Jan, 22 Jan

Google File System

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