Round 1: 5-12 February

These are presentations on the Schedule for the first part of February.

Format and Length of Presentation/Report

Let's look at a group assignment, say {8,9,1} and see what it means. First, we see that 8 comes first in list of members. That means student 8 will present in front of the class on 5th February. The length of the presentation will be 10 minutes, and be four "slides", allowing for between 2 and 3 minutes per slide. Students 9 and 1, also in the group, will write reports: the length of a report will be 500 words (a figure counts as around 10 words). You can go a little over 500 words, but not too much. The reports are also due 5th February, by email.

Some rules:

  1. Don't put your name on a presentation or report; instead, use "Student 8" or whatever your number happens to be.
  2. Presentation/report format shall be PDF, see Presentations page for more information.

  3. For presentations, please don't cram slides with too much text. There's lots of advice (for example, this) about presentations, you can find on the net.

  4. Your work should be your own: it's not acceptable to write one report and use that for both students 9 and 1; similarly, the report shouldn't just be a transcription of what the presentation will be. It should be the result of your own efforts in reading and understanding the source materials.
  5. The goal of the first presentation/report is to collect the most prominent terminology, features, concepts, research questions/accomplishments (not relevant for all topics), and explain these and summarize to give other students an accurate view of the topic assigned.
  6. One thing your presentation/report should show is that you spent at least 8 hours of work in reading and preparing.


Whether you present or write a report for the 5th of February, you will do this again on the 10th and the 12th. The idea is simple: whatever you did, you will be able to substantially improve it in two more "versions". First, you will have the benefit of seeing and reading the work of other students, which is important because several of the cloud computing topics significantly overlap. Then, for example, in the second presentation, you might refer to the first presentation of another student ("as Student 13 explained, ...") when you go into more detail. Second, questions from other students may show you what should be clarified for future presentations.

The second presentation is not merely a repeat, it will have all new slides (again, just 4 slides in 10 minutes) with more detail, resting on the first presentation and possibly the first presentations of others. The second report will just be revision of the first one, correcting mistakes (if any), explaining in more detail, adding figures to explain better. The second version of the report could be 700 words, essentially adding 200 words to the first version.

Presentations and Reports

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